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That Heart of Hers

Dog stories

Purest innocence. That's how she arrived. No notions of how life should be, or what she wanted from life. Or what was expected.

Full of life - full of love - full of herself. Yet selfish with none of those. She gave her all - certainly her devoted love. No constraints. Humbled only when she thought she had disappointed me. The balance was pure excitement of life - what fun thing to do next. Always smiling - especially with her bright eyes, loving, thought-filled eyes. What thoughts must have crossed that brain of hers! Pure mischief at times. Sneaky. Stubborn. Willful, yet so obedient at times. So willing to please. So desiring to please.

Protective. Watchful. Ever aware of surroundings. Noises, movements, actions. Even aware of some of my thoughts and most of my emotions. Quick to stop my tears - providing comfort, companionship.

Ever-patient. Waiting here while I was away. Beside me - almost constantly when I was here.

Always ready to go wherever I'd take her. Always a good traveler. Watchful and unwilling to rest until sleep overtook her and forced her.

Running was an obsession. Loved to run, chase, jump. Freedom. Dangerous freedom.

The biggest heart of any 30 pound creature. Invoked love from all she met. Loved all who showed any interest. Loved me beyond measure or comprehension. No questions ever asked. No rules. No boundaries.

The love of running - crossed the idea of being obedient.

With the same purest innocent with which she arrived -

She departed.

She left at least a 30 pound hole in my heart - yet she gave me so much more. The short life she lived as left a permanent mark on my life - the part of my life she shared with me was a very intense portion. Our hearts touched - we both loved.

I feel pain now... but I know my heart and my life have been greatly affected because of Gertie. And because of ...

That heart of hers.

- Oct. 5, 1994