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Tales of Heroic Pets:
Little Streams Make Big Rivers

Lulu has always been my closest and constant companion these past five years. In fact, he is very obedient to me especially when I take care of other furry friends in our shelter.

As you already know, there have been a lot of forest fires during the summer season. Many forest are badly damaged by fire each year.

Not far from our shelter, a forest caught fire during this hot summer. We are on July, a heatwave which has been going on for three days.

Lulu rushed towards the forest where flames send out an infernal heat. There's no longer any hope at the moment to wait for Lulu to come back to the shelter. In fact, I was waiting for the firebrigade to announce me his death in the forest. Suddenly,a fireman burst into my office and informed me that my dog Lulu succeeded to save four kittens who were trapped by the flames. According to the fireman, Lulu seized the kittens, one by one moving them to a safe place.

I immediately accompanied the fireman to the forest to pick up the rescued kittens. Once on the scene of the incident, Lulu was not there. Then we heard the sound of a dog came from the forest barking furiously. I recognized the sound of my dog Lulu. The firemen followed the tracks of the dog until they found him barking loudly by the side of an injured fireman who was lying on the ground and desperately waiting for rescue.

Thanks to Lulu,four kittens and a fireman were saved.

That day, I was very proud of Lulu for his two heroic actions toward the kittens and the fireman. Lulu showed much compassion for both animals like him and for a human being who was trying to put out the fire with his colleagues.

Truth to tell, my happiness is great and immeasurable.

I paid a visit to the fireman in his house accompanied with my adorable Lulu. What a memorable scene when the fireman hugged Lulu tightly to his chest! One thousand thanks Lulu for saving my life, the fireman said.

This true story of genuine love and compassion show us that pets are loving, caring and compassionate. We should love and protect them. One day they do us a good turn.

Little animals can make enormous things for humans. So don't belittle them. God be with all humans and animals.

- Our thanks to Prof Daham M'hamed, Algeria, who kindly contributed Lulu's story.