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Pet Stories: Midnight

Midnight Midnight's story is truly special!

I am a barmaid, with many stray cats of all kinds that frequent my place of employment! I had just gotten divorced, put my beagle of 18 years to sleep.

I have never had a cat before, so I was, and still am so new at her friendship, but it is amazing! So anyway, I did pray to my Mother, who has been gone in heaven for 27 years to send me a little kitten. I was not working that day, but I came in to see some friends.

(By the way, Midnight is sitting on my lap as I type, I swear she thinks that she can too!)

I walked in, and this tiny kitten kept running up my leg to my neck, she was so weak, and starving, full of fleas, and scared! I would put her down, she would run right up, the funny this is, is that I was wearing all black, and she is all black, and the time was Midnight! So I took her home with me, nursed her back to health, got rid of the fleas, had her spayed, and she is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. She will sit, if I say so, she retrieves her toys for me to play with her, and she does not have a mean streak in her ever! She has given me such hope, and happiness, I could not bear to be without her!

Thank you for listening everyone, and remember, a friend in life does not have to be human!

Take care and remember to treasure what you have today, for tomorrow it may not be there!

Sent in by Michele of NJ