How to Satisfy Your Kitty's Demand to Go Outside


Do you have one of those cats that absolutely insists on going outside - despite your best efforts with cat trees, toys, and everything else you can think of?

You can safely let your cat outdoors ... well, at least enough so that kitty thinks she's wild and free. :-)

Build an escape-proof enclosure. This means the enclosure must be contained on all four sides and on top as well. Your cat should not be able to jump, squeeze through, escape, or injure itself in any way.

Consider constructing a cat door for free access to the outdoor enclosure. If you can, you may want to build a cat door and connect a special little runway for your kitty that goes straight to his or her outdoor enclosure. That will save you from listening to the plaintive yowls of your cat, asking to go outside!

Or take kitty out on a harness and leash. Some cats enjoy prowling outside on a harness. If you choose this option, your kitty still needs supervision: cats are clever little escape artists and may attempt to free themselves from the harness. They may also catch the leash on something and get stuck. Plus keep in mind that kitty can't protect herself from other animals if she's leashed!

It is so very important to keep your cat indoors (or protected outdoors, as explained above) that I just can't emphasize it enough. All too often we hear tragic stories about the beloved family cat that disappeared or was struck by a car. Don't let that happen to your own feline friend!


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